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Proximity Cards

proxcardProximity ID cards also known as prox cards, use radio frequency transmit/receive electronics (integrated circuit technology) to transfer data. This data transmits securely from a distance, making proximity cards unique in that they do not have to be swiped through a magnetic stripe card reader, and they are the convenient solution for secure door access control or time and attendance applications. When in use, a card reader sends out a field that activates the antenna coil which lies within a proximity card, and charges the capacitor. Card information is then transmitted via this antenna coil to the card reader and if the information is found to be accurate access is granted, be it door entry or a monetary purchase. Secure

Access Control Proximity ID Cards

Proximity cards currently operate at 125 kHz. They are powered by resonant energy transfer with a typical read range of 0-3 inches with longer read ranges made possible through the implementation of high powered readers. Advantidge offers a variety of long range ID card read solutions which can read up to 30 feet away using a combination of high powered signal boosters for the proximity and card readers.

Proximity cards seamlessly integrate with existing ID card systems, and can be printed on exactly as if they were ordinary plastic PVC ID cards. Advantidge is pleased to offer HID and Indala proximity cards. HID is a leader in the secure access industry, featuring a large selection of smart card options used by organizations worldwide. Corporate, educational, and health organizations as well as governmental agencies rely on proximity card technology for the personalization of their secure badges and cards.

Advantidge offers many ID card printer solutions for creating proximity cards. Our most popular options are:

  • HID Global Fargo DTC4500 For versatile, reliable card production that can support diverse applications throughout an organization.
  • HID Global Fargo HDP5000 For superior print quality, higher reliability and durability, and greater security.
  • Zebra P330i For single-sided color card reliable and high performance printing at an affordable price.
  • Zebra P430i For rugged dual-sided card printing of high quality personalized photo ID cards in high volume applications.
  • Magicard Rio Pro For high security color ID card printing with customizable HoloKote.
  • Evolis Primacy The ideal solution for personalizing high quality transportation passes, payment cards, ID badges & multi-feature ID cards.
  • Nisca PR5350 For high speed, low cost dual-sided smart card printing.

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