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Boomerang Payment Solutions


Save money, time and effort with Veita™

Veita™ is a direct deposit and OneCard ID product to address the common challenges faced by educational institutions with the disbursement of student credit balances.

Institution Benefits 

Cost Savings

• Reduced Disbursement Expenses

• Improved Staff Efficiency
• Increased Direct Deposit Participation
• Multiple ID Functions
Student Records Integration
• Familiar User Interface
• Direct Deposit via Current Software
• Card Issuance Auto-populates

Added Value for Students
• ACH Provides Earlier Access
• Choice of Deposit Account
• MasterCard Purchasing Power
• Free ATM Access

Student Benefits
• Earlier Access to Funds
• Online Deposits from Parents
• Debit MasterCard - Not a Credit Card
• Worldwide Purchasing Power
• FDIC Insuranced Account

• FDIC Insuranced Account
• MasterCard Zero Liability
• Free ATM Access
• Campus Security Features
• Low Cardholder Fees

• Internet Banking
• Payroll Direct Deposit Option• 365/YR Call Center
• Student Discounts
• Choice of Deposit Account

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