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Dot Marking

metal-mdm-1000-2000 78187MDM1000/2000/2000DM and 1000DM

The MDM1000 and MDM2000 give you tremendous flexibility in marking your metal tags. A cost-effective alternative to stamping and dies, dot peen words on the tag's surface in any true Windows-type font as well as produce logos and other graphics.

  • Reliable stylus stamping for logos, Windows fonts and special characters of all sizes
  • Easy manual or automatic loading and unloading.
  • Near end input / near full output hopper plate sensors for continuous production
  • Stamps special characters such as country specific characters and symbols.
  • Suitable for a variety of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.
  • The MDM1000 and MDM2000 can be operated with a PC, main frame (RS232 communication port) or offline with a keyboard. Our software SWORDTM is also included.

The MDM1000 is a manual feed metal plate dot matrix unit. The MDM2000 is completely automatic, providing volume capability that will allow you to work with a database, etc.


The P5000 micro-percusion technology provides consistant, quality marks without additional comsumables. Owing a P5000 quickly optimizes the cost/productivity/marking quality ratio, with its 5 characters per second mark. It's easy to set up and easy to operate, no specific training is needed. No PC required either. Plug it in, input your data into the on-board software and make your mark.

  • Faster marking
  • Deeper marks
  • Larger backlit screen
  • More memory
  • More software features

The P5000's design quickly adapts to part height (height up to 300mm/12 inches). Plus, it marks all types of materials up to a hardness of 62 HRC. Accessories include tag feeders and a range of rotary devices.

m3000PORTABLE MACHINES - M3000 - The handy marking solution.
A handheld machine, the M3000 offers the freedom of movement you need thanks to its design and portable battery. It can mark parts which are large, heavy, or in hard-to-reach areas. The M3000 is available in pneumatic or electromagnetic versions.


  • Linear, radial and angular marking
  • Special marking (normal, inverted, mirrored, reflected text)
  • Character adjustment, centering, character spacing, compression, inclination
  • Programming of varaible data: date and time, incrementing serial numbers, batch numbers, shift codes...
  • Logotypes
  • Available fonts: point separated or 5x7 matrix, CE mark

This accessory converts your portable machine into a benchtop machine.
With a crank, you can easily adjust the distance between the stylus and the part for small parts and tags.

Propen offers a large choice of accessories for these marking machines.

full-mobility-m7000M7000 - Touch'n Mark

Innovation in the world of portable machines, the M7000 is a fully autonomous marking gun with integrated touch screen:

  • Mark freely, without cord or PC or keyboard.
  • Identify all your parts, even the heaviest and the least accessible.
  • Mark deep and permanently your components, finished products, assets...
  • Answer the traceability norms: serial numbers, dates, references, Data Matrix™ codes, logos...

"Ready to mark, the M7000 is operational out of the box. The large screen gives you direct access to the desired functions with your finger, even wearing a glove and you can mark everywhere, in production as well as in the field outdoors."

Powerful and ergonomic, the M7000 is used in many applications: Mechanical workshop, oil and gas, construction, railway, marine, automotive, military and armament, public & industrial equipment...

p500zemP5000Z EM
The latest offering from Propen is the P5000 Z EM with a motorized Z-axis. This marking machine increases productivity while reducing operator fatigue. Plus, this electromagnetic machine offers a touch sensor stylus and two hand-tie safety buttons. The P5000Z EM offers a simple to set up and use on-board control unit; USB capability and quick five characters per second precise marking capability.


  • Easy and Quick setup of the marking height
  • Consistent marking quality across batches
  • Safe operator environment
  • Optimum height per marking file stored in the memory
  • Reliable and Flexible station for all your permanent marking needs.

What mark do you need on your part? Logos, serial numbers, text... .whatever you want!

- Automotive
- Machine Shops
- Aerospace
- Heavy Equipment
- Building Supply
- Energy
- Bicycles & Motorcycle manufacturing
- Nameplates/Tags
- Keys & Locks
- Direct part marking
- Permanent identification
- Traceable marks

A versatile and user friendly Windows®-based marking program.

Benefits of the PW05
- Layout visualization
Modification of the marking file directly on the screen thanks to the intuitive "drag and drop" function.
Possibility of importing the part's image as a background.
Different menus for marking assistance: tool positioning assistant, circular marking assistant...
√ Adjustments are fast and save precious setting time.
- Multi-file
Programming of a file while the marking another file.
√ Time-saving
- Link of data bases
"Fusion" function: variable programming calling on data from an Excel or .csvtype file used to merge marking files together automatically.
√ Avoids the risks of errors related to manual entry.

dp3500 leftMOTORISED ROTARY DEVICE - DP3500/DP4500/DP4500PN
This device allows rotation and marking along the circumference or along the axis of a part, without the need of a PC. Benefits of the DP3500/DP4500/DP4500PN

  • Ready to use
  • Delivered as a complete package (chuck, table, cable...), the DP3500/DP4500 is quick and easy to install thanks to its CD-Rom.
  • Simplicity: no PC required
  • By using the machine's internal software, the DP3500/DP4500 is most simple to program. This user-friendly and flexible software allows you to easily achieve the desired marking for all your parts.
  • Optimized productivity
  • It offers variable rotation speeds which are adapted to the part's size.
  • Wide variety of parts

Thanks to its hollow chuck and its internal/external clamping, the DP3500/DP4500 offers an extensive range of parts to be marked, around/along the axis. For this reason, it is compliant with marking requirements.

The TAG3500 tag feeder easily connects to the P5000 micro-percussion marking machine. Once programmed, using the integrated software--no PC required-- TAG3500 will automatically feed, mark (up to 99 marking fields) and eject plates without operator assistance. Plate chimney holds approximately 100-150 standard plates.

Optional Tag Design Windows (R) PC based software available.


  • Linear, radial and angular marking
  • Special marking (normal, inverted, mirrored, reflected text)
  • Character adjustment, centering, character spacing, compression, inclination
  • Programming of variable data: date and time, incremental serial numbers, batch numbers, shift codes.....
  • Logotypes
  • Available fonts: point separated or 5x7 matrix, CE mark

Note: flat, rounded-corner plates without burrs, film or coatings must be used.

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