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Sielox Class

sieloxReal-time Visibility When Every Second Counts.

Knowledge is a powerful tool.

Getting a handle on crisis situations in our schools and our university campuses is on the minds of everyone these days – students, parents, educators and law enforcement alike. Having a planned response and reliable solution that addresses the crisis quickly can make the difference between chaos and stability and loss of lives or lives saved. We shouldn't have to rely on educated guesses when so much is at stake.

Get the complete picture to act fast and protect what we value most.

Monitor, Assess and Act.

Visibility to save the day.

With the introduction of Sielox Class™, Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System, schools and universities now have an effective solution for response in emergency situations. Developed by Sielox, a leading manufacturer of security management systems since 1979, Sielox Class provides real-time classroom status, notification and updates to administrators and first responders with a graphical map, email or
text to make split-second decisions. The system is secure and easy to install – simply add to your existing network.


  • Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime - iPad, Droid, Smartphone, Desktop, Laptop, Smart Board
  • WAN, LAN, WIFI, High-speed Cell (3G or 4G)
  • Available Stand Alone or Integrated with Access Control, Paging and Mass Notification
  • Email and Text
  • Two-way Chat between Classroom and Responders
  • Customizable to Meet your Lockdown Rules
  • Alerts Initiated from the Classroom or Anywhere
  • No Visible Status Indicators for the Intruder or Active Shooter
  • Critical Situational Awareness
    • First responders have instant status for response and deployment from command centers and patrol cars
    • First responders not walking blindly into harm’s way
    • Provides for timely accurate decisions
    • Clear lockdown and/or color status

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