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Time Management


Organizations both large and small recognize that keeping up with employee time cards can be a challenge. With an electronic time management system, employees can use their ID cards to clock in and out every day, leaving a record of all arrivals and departures. This allows managers to log into the system and easily edit and approve time cards at the end of a pay period before exporting that information to a third party payroll system.

Time Manager Software

BadgePass Time Manager offers a simple and cost-effective method for managing employee time, help you control labor costs and improve workforce productivity. This easy-to-use time tracking software allows users to scan their Photo ID to efficiently clock in and out. The system logs dates and times of every scan, allowing you to run, edit and export reports at a later date. It's fast and simple for both employees and the managers who oversee its use.

Time Manager Brochure - Download Here

Features and benefits Include:

  • Integrated with Identity Manager
  • Smartcard support
  • Fast clock-in and clock-out
  • Edit, approve and export time cards
  • Web-based reports

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